Design Services

Mark Lie Designs! Can help you with all your design needs. My abilities range from Graphic Design, Customized DVDs, logo development and internet design.


Graphic Design

MLD! Can work with you in creating all your collateral needs, be it brochures, direct mail, advertisements, packaging 3D environments, illustration and print production. From concept to finished project, you can trust MLD! Will provide you service and a product that will fulfill your needs. (Please contact MLD! for samples)


Customized DVDs (Weddings/Funerals)

A personalized interactive DVD that can contain your Wedding Day memories or your Dearly Departed's Funeral all on a convenient DVD that you can watch on your TV. Your custom DVD can contain your invitation, program, menu, wake flyer, obituary, photos, and video customized to specific music and colors to match your special day.

This keepsake will be interactive-menu based driven like any other DVD movie that you rent or currently own.

You provide Mark Lie Designs! with your printed material, photos that you want included, video of ceremony or reception (Please provide video on VHS or High8 Video Format/ All materials will be returned) and we will consult with you on accompanying music and colors.

MLD! Will work with you in creating a personalized collection of your Wedding Day or Loved One's Funeral perfect for sharing your memories with family and friends that will last forever.

(Cost dependent on quantity of DVDs, length of video, photos and other content. Please feel free to contact Mark Lie Designs! for a price quote, samples and with any other questions about creating a personalized Wedding Day or Funeral DVD.)


Logo Development

MLD! can provide you with custom logo development for business or personal use. We will work with you in creating a stand-out logo that represents the product or message you are conveying. (Please contact MLD! for samples)


Internet Design

The internet is constantly evolving. Don't you think your website should too? Let MLD! work with you in creating engaging websites that will attract your client base and keep them coming back for more. MLD! can develop web site layout and design, Flash animations, 3D animations and web banners are some of what MLD! can offer you. (Please contact MLD! for samples)